Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Covent Garden Haul!


I hope you had a great weekend before the Easter holidays ended and everyone returned back to work and school (I luckily have an extra couple of days off so started back today!)
Last weekend I went into Covent Garden with my parents for a family day of shopping - and I made a rather large dent in my bank account! So, I thought I’d do a haul of the few things I bought and let you know what I thought of them.

I firstly headed into MAC for a new lipstick. Now, I have a slight obsession with my matte Velvet Teddy, which is described on their website as a “deep-tone beige” (and is very gorgeous!) However, it has one slight drawback in that its matte formula can be very drying when wearing it all day. Instead, I wanted to find more-or-less the exact same colour but with a slightly creamier finish - and stumbled upon Half ‘n’ Half, said to be a “creamy pink” although it really does have the same brown undertone as Velvet Teddy. It is an amplified creme so is very pigmented and has a little glossy finish. I’m very happy with it and now want to buy a lip pencil in the shade ‘Spice’ to match it!

Next, I went into Urban Outfitters. Although I didn’t find any clothes which took my fancy, I did see the Dr PawPaw Original Balm which I have been eyeing up for a while. I took the plunge and spent the £7, what I thought was fairly pricey for just 25ml. In saying that though, I think the product really lives up to its reputation and has done wonders for my lips already! You only need a very small amount and it really hydrates your lips. It also claims to be great for irritated and dry skin, so I’m looking forward to using this as hand cream too.

I then went into BareMinerals and picked up the SPF25 Mineral Veil Finishing Powder in Original.  For years I have been using Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder but have found that it can end up looking very cakey as well as being quite drying on my skin - so I wanted to use something that gave me a much more natural finish and really stayed put all day. I opted for the Mineral Veil as I already use the Original SPF15 Foundation and have heard that the products work very well together - and I can confirm this! It keeps the skin-like look that the mineral foundation gives and has a very good staying power which means I’ve stopped worrying about my makeup coming off throughout the day.

Lastly, I saw a ‘sale’ sign in Jones shoeshop and… well, what girl could just walk on?! I was straight away attracted to the Converse section of the sale as I have wanted a pair for years but never really wanted to spend that much money on canvas shoes. But, for a discounted price of £40? - I couldn’t say no! I went for the classic white Chuck Taylor All Star’s and can’t wait to wear them throughout spring and summer.

What were you up to last weekend? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Sophie x

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  1. I looked up the MAC lipstick shade and its a stunning colour, I think it'll look really good with the Spice lip liner (which I really want to get) I think you made a good investment in the converse shoes because trust me they're. life saver when you don't know what shoes to wear and a versatile so they go with everything :)
    Dalal x

    1. Aw thanks, yeah really excited to start wearing my converse finally! x

  2. I love Covent Garden its like a simple toned down version as Oxford St. However Covent Garden can sometimes get a bit busy, I'm really sad that they such down Lush there :( But its such a photogenic area hahah

    Ambra xo |

    1. Exactly, I prefer it to Oxford Street because I feel so much more at ease in Covent Garden! It was so busy on the weekend though because it was the last day of the holidays x

  3. Love this post!! and converse are the bestt,have been wanting to get some white ones for such a long time!! xxx

  4. I haven't tried any mac lipstick colours for a while so I might venture for the one you have chosen, I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip (but when is a shopping trip ever bad!)