Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Welcome back!

Hello and welcome back!

I guess the main questions is: where have I been?! It has been more or less two years since I have posted on this blog and a lot has changed. 

To start with, I am no longer a teenager - which has completely scared me as I am no way near ready to accept that I am an adult. I have also made the transition from sixth form to university, having just finished my first year and could not have moved further away from home, from London to Edinburgh.

I am currently studying British Sign Language at Heriot Watt University - a very unique course, I know! - and although it is very hard, I absolutely adore it. It is an extremely rewarding degree, and the people I have met through it are incredible. 

Since going to university I have also started cheerleading competitively - who would have thought it?! I cannot recommend the sport enough. It has such a family atmosphere to it, meaning the friendships you build are like none other. I have even been nominated social secretary for next year. 
On our way to National Championships
A straddle stunt

Performance Day

Though life is pretty great right now, the two years before university were not so great and I had to overcome many things to get to where I am now. I won’t go into to much detail, but dealing with severe anxiety and depression was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and is something I continue to struggle with. I am so proud of where I have got to in the past two years. If anyone is interested in hearing more about how I overcame my issues, please leave a comment down below and I may write a post on it - especially as May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

So what can expect from this blog in the future? Of course a lot of beauty and makeup - this is still one a huge passion of mine and it will be the main focus of my blog, some mental health and wellbeing tips/advice/experience and much more!

So please stick around - I have so much planned for this blog and I’d love for you to follow my journey! Also, please check out my makeup instagram account @sophhelmanmakeup to see the looks I have been creating!

Sophie x

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  1. Welcome back!!

    I hope you'll stay for a while!


  2. Just found your blog, welcome back! Cheerleading sounds fun, great post xx