Sunday, 29 March 2015

My First Post: Hello!


I'm not great with technology so I'm not sure starting a blog was the best thing so please bare with me whilst I adjust! - My name is Sophie and I am an 18 year old student from London. I'm currently taking A Levels in Theatre Studies, English Literature and Sociology; and I can tell you now that I hate it! I have no idea what made me think English Literature would be a good subject to take but it is pretty much the bane of my life!

Instead, I really enjoy make-up and acting - I'm actually auditioning for drama schools at the moment and hoping to pursue a career in acting but it looks like I may be taking a gap year as my auditions so far have been unsuccessful.
Make-up-wise, I love the creativity it gives you to be able to enhance and change things about yourself that you like and dislike - and my make-up collection has been unhealthily growing rapidly over the past year!

I hope you enjoy my blog and take the time to follow it. The posts to come will get better (I promise!) and please let me know if you have similar interest as I'd love to follow some more blogs.

All the best,
Sophie x

Instagram: sophhelman
Twitter: @sophie_helman
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